Jewelry Repair & Restoration

All jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed.  To get the most enjoyment out of your jewelry investment you must be proactive about routine maintenance.  Treat your jewelry to a restorative trip to the “Spectrum Spa” and receive a free expert inspection and cleaning. 

Our jeweler will check for damaged prongs or loose stones and any other issues that might need to be addressed. 

Among the many jewelry repair services we offer are:

- Ring sizing
- Prong repair or replacement
- Rhodium plating to brighten up your white gold
- Chain repair
- Stone setting
- Diamond and Gem replacement
- Soldering rings together (or taking them apart)
- Replace worn ring shanks
- Hand Engraving
- Restoration of antique settings: fixing broken filigree, replace antique diamonds, reinforce or rebuild areas worn away through heavy use.


And if you jewelry cannot be repaired we will offer you options to restyle your diamonds or gems into something fresh and new or to trade in your old, damaged and worn out jewelry and unwanted diamonds for cash or store credit.