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What’s in your jewelry box?  Memories, stories, family history?
Have you inherited jewelry that isn’t quite your style?
Are your favorite items sidelined due to damage or poor fit?
Do you have a design idea you’d like to explore?

The perfect answer to all these questions is Spectrum Fine Jewelry’s signature Jewelry Box Review.  If the jewelry in your box isn’t making you smile, it’s time to consult with a designer at Spectrum and see what options you have.

They will help you sort and prioritize so that when you are finished you’ll have a plan of action for your collection:

- Repair or restore damaged items.
- Select those materials that would make great custom designs and make an appointment to meet with the designer.
- Identify items that need appraisals or listing on a legacy report.
- Set aside any materials that can be traded in to help pay for your projects.

      A jewelry box review is the first step toward loving your jewelry box again. 

      Ready to begin? 

      Call today and make an appointment for your Jewelry Box Review.  The first hour is FREE.  Initial meetings typically take an hour but some collections, especially if you’ve inherited a lot of jewelry, can take longer. 

      Once you make your appointment please download and fill out this checklist so your designer knows your special needs and expectations. 

      Download Jewelry Box Review Worksheet
      Fill Out Online

       All information is kept confidential.