Susan Drake

Susan Drake is the lead designer at Spectrum Fine Jewelry. She is an artist and a sculptor in the truest sense. Susan's designs flow and complement both the wearer's physique as well as the gems, diamonds and pearls they embrace. Her boldly contemporary forms are sometimes architectural and sometimes organic but always unique and memorable. Susan has a degree in Jewelry Manufacturing from the Gemological Institute of America and has been honored with multiple national design awards. Most recently she received a Spectrum Award from the American Gem Trade Association and a Case Award from the Jewelers of America. To see photos and to purchase one of her award winning creations please visit our Award Winners page.

Susan Drake's jewelry creations often feature a mix of rich color, reflective surfaces, undulating body conscious forms, bold lines, organic materials and surprising juxtapositions of soft and hard elements. Below you'll see some of her current works.

Custom designs are available as well, please visit our Custom Portfolio to see images of her projects for other clients. A Susan Drake design will definitely evoke comments. Her collectors find themselves coming back again and again and always finding something new and refreshing.

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