Why Pearls Capture Our Imagination

July 09, 2018

Why Pearls Capture Our Imagination

Few gemstones capture the classic elegance and mystique of pearls.

In ancient Middle Eastern cultures it was believed pearls were created when teardrops fell from heaven, according to information from the Gemological Institute of America.

The luxurious luster of pearls is created when a shellfish like an oyster finds itself troubled with an outside irritant, which it then coats with layers of shiny nacre to protect itself. This can happen naturally or, in the case of a “cultured” pearl, intentionally when the pearl farmer actually inserts the seed that eventually gets turned into a pearl.

Fashion and Pearls: A Symbol of Wealth, Power and Grace

When it comes to fashion, pearls are evocative of the golden age of Hollywood, from Audrey Hepburn’s classic necklace in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the extravagant set of pearls that Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor. Of course they have been used as adornment over the course of human history from simple jewelry to the crowns of Kings and Queens.

Is it any wonder that this symbol of wealth, power and grace was traditionally given as a wedding gift? Virtually every woman has something in her jewelry box that includes pearls.

At Spectrum we take pearls to the next level. No longer just for special occasions, we view pearls of all kinds as the perfect complement to any ensemble or situation.

Selecting The Perfect Pearls

Since pearls are an organic jewel there are a few things you should consider when selecting the right pearls for your collection. We’ve outlined some of the more notable attributes of pearls to help you make the perfect selection.


Pearls could be considered a neutral color with natural selections available in varying shades of white, cream, gold, gray. They will light up any complexion and complement virtually any color palette. For example, look no further than these baroque golden white South Sea pearl earrings with sterling silver leverbacks from our lead designer, Susan Drake:

south sea golden white pearl earrings


Pearls are always in style. They remain one of the few constants in the ever-changing world of fashion jewelry. An excellent example of sophistication is this natural, multi-colored necklace of Tahitian pearls with a sterling silver snap clasp, also by Susan Drake Designs:

tahitian pearl necklace


There is an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colors that occur naturally and some cultured pearls are also enhanced by bleaching or dying to achieve specific fashion colors. The freshwater keshi pearl in this pendant exhibits gorgeous natural metallic colors that have been highlighted with carefully selected spinels and sapphires:

susan drake pearl pendant

We use a lot of South Sea pearls in natural colors such as these pendulum earrings with white and mocha Tahitian pearls:

dark brown tahitian pearl earrings

Caring for your precious pearls

Compared to other gemstones, pearls are relatively soft and should be protected from scratching. We recommend you store your pearl jewelry in soft bags, away from your other jewelry. Pearl necklaces are often strung on knotted silk or linen cords. The cording can get soiled and may stretch or fray over the years. It is important to inspect your pearl jewelry routinely and have it carefully cleaned and restrung in order to ensure years of enjoyment. This is a service we provide at Spectrum Fine Jewelry.

Since pearls are organic gems they are sensitive to harsh cleaning products. If they require cleaning simply use a gentle cleanser like Ivory or Woolite, rinse with clear water and then lay flat on a towel to dry so the cord doesn’t stretch.

Check out Spectrum’s selection of exotic pearls

Pearls evoke more than a sense of style: they capture the imagination with thoughts of azure water and tropical climes. Not only do we have a wide selection of both saltwater and freshwater pearls, we have them in the most unique styles around.

Nearly all of our pearl jewelry is made right here in Wilmington by our talented team of designers. From everyday fashion to exotic works of “art to wear”, Spectrum Fine Jewelry is a must-see destination for any true pearl lover.

Join us for the 2018 Summer Pearl Party

This summer we will be offering our largest ever selection of handmade pearl jewelry featuring rare Tahitian and South Sea pearls as well as colorful Keshi and delightful Freshwater pearls in styles that can go from the pool party to the dance pavilion.

Be sure to join us for this special Pearl feature starting with a cocktail reception and wrapping up with an all day jewelry show. Stay abreast on all the event details by RSVPing on the event Facebook page


For more than 20 years, Spectrum Fine Jewelry has been renowned throughout the Southeast as a premier source for exceptional and unusual custom-designed jewelry by our award-winning team of designers and master goldsmith. With an emphasis on fine-colored gems, Spectrum hosts regular events from private round tables to weekend gem shows. Other events include designer trunk shows, diamond sales, custom restyle events, and appraisal clinics.


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