Why You Should Choose a Custom Jeweler for Your Repairs

June 21, 2018

Why You Should Choose a Custom Jeweler for Your Repairs

Your garnet birthstone ring is one of your favorite pieces of jewelry. It has intense sentimental value -- your mother gave it to you when you graduated from college.

You always receive compliments on the piece, but you don’t wear it as often as you’d like because one of the prongs is loose, and you’re afraid that you’ll lose the stone. As a result, a wonderful, unique jewelry design that should be worn and enjoyed as often as possible sits your jewelry box. We’ve seen this situation hundreds of times; you are afraid that your favorite piece will break when exposed to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Our custom jewelers have a different philosophy: we believe that a loose stone or small chip in a diamond is no reason to stop enjoying these pieces. Instead, bring them to the experts at Spectrum Fine Jewelry for an inspection, cleaning and repair.

While many retail jewelry stores offer some level of repair services, there are several reasons you should only trust a custom jeweler to repair your precious treasures.

Custom jewelers have a professional, award-winning team to work on your piece.

Our master jewelers and gemstone professionals have impressive credentials that showcase their vast experience in creating and repairing jewelry. Susan Drake earned a jewelry manufacturing degree from the Gemological Institute of America and she has earned extensive awards from the American Gem Trade Association and the Manufacturing Jewelers’ and Silversmiths’ Association. Our talented goldsmith, Mike Schmalzriedt, has 30 years of experience in all aspects of fine jewelry repair and creations.

But most importantly, they share a passion for what they do. They realize that each piece of jewelry represents an important story in the life of its owner, and preserving that precious piece of history is more than a mere job—it’s a distinctive calling.

custom garnet earrings

Many stores outsource their repairs.

If retail stores don’t have the necessary equipment or experienced staff, your precious heirloom diamond could be sent somewhere else for repairs. At Spectrum we have the ability to complete nearly all repairs right here in our fully equipped workshop. The addition this year of a laser welding machine has further expanded our repair capabilities, allowing us to work on even the most delicate items in most cases.

Custom jewelers can conduct regular maintenance on your most precious pieces.

Just as your personal physician understands your extensive medical history, your custom jeweler can perform regular maintenance on your pieces, and therefore understands its background, paying careful attention to problem areas. We can also pinpoint areas that may become problems and therefore repair them before problems arise.

custom pearl pendant

Custom jewelers ensure that their repairs are strong and durable.

Jewelry is a beautiful, intensive work of functional art that is meant to be worn and enjoyed. When an expert goldsmith or artisan makes a repair, he or she employs the best techniques to ensure that the repair will last and withstand normal wear and tear. One of the reasons that our professional jewelers are able to stand behind their work is their decades of hands-on experience and firsthand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of metal, each setting, and how the style of the piece may affect its durability.

Custom jewelers have creative solutions that you won’t find at the mall jewelry store.

Sometimes, even the most accomplished experts will not be able to fix your jewelry. One of the main advantages of working with a customized jeweler is that we go the extra mile and provide extensive options for bringing “new life” to pieces that can’t be repaired. Perhaps a broken earring couldn’t be mended---allow us to take the gemstones and gold from those earrings and transform them into a stunning new piece that reflects the same spirit and style. Our ability to “think outside the box” means we will do our utmost to offer you creative solutions to even the most complex issues.

custom gemstone pendant

Jewelry repair services available at Spectrum

We offer an extensive array of jewelry repair services including:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong repair or replacement
  • Rhodium plating to brighten up your white gold
  • Chain repair
  • Stone setting
  • Diamond and gem replacement
  • Soldering rings together (or taking them apart)
  • Replace worn ring shanks
  • Hand engraving
  • Restoration of antique settings: fixing broken filigree, replacing antique diamonds, reinforce or rebuild areas worn away through heavy use.

Restore your jewelry at the Spectrum Spa

It’s best to avoid repairs altogether, which is why we invite you to treat your jewelry to a trip to our “Spectrum Spa,” where your pieces will receive a free expert inspection and a free prong check to ensure that your stones are secured. In addition, we offer free jewelry cleaning and a chance to speak with our experts who happily answer any of your questions.

The full Jewel Spa treatment is available for a modest charge and in most cases will restore your jewelry to “like new” condition, including buffing out scratches, new rhodium, checking and tightening stones, rounding out a bent ring shank, etc.

Stop being afraid to wear your favorite pieces. Call us for an appointment today 910-256-2323. Or simply drop by during store hours to say “Hello” and to get your rings a sparkle service.


For more than 20 years, Spectrum Fine Jewelry has been renowned throughout the Southeast as a premier source for exceptional and unusual custom-designed jewelry by our award-winning team of designers and master goldsmith. With an emphasis on fine-colored gems, Spectrum hosts regular events from private round tables to weekend gem shows. Other events include designer trunk shows, diamond sales, custom restyle events, and appraisal clinics.

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