King Arthur Isn't the Only One with a Roundtable - Colorful Gemstones at Spectrum Fine Jewelry

February 18, 2016

colored gemstone event wilmington nc

Every year we host approximately four Gemstone Roundtables for various gem cutters. It is probably one of the most intimate events that we host and it allows you the opportunity to see and touch unique colorful gems. This event is perfect for the avid collector and those who love jewelry and gems!

colored gemstone roundtable wilmington nc

private events wilmington nc

On the night of the roundtable, you'll enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres, meet new people and satisfy your curiosity and passion for rare, unique and precious colored gemstones as they make their way around the table.  The night of this closed door event, you can see up to 100 gorgeous gems ranging in prices presented by the gem cutter, himself.

loose gemstones wilmington nc

During this social event you will be presented with a  variety of materials and cuts. There is very limited seating for this unique opportunity so it is important to reserve your seat!

Our next gemstone Roundtable will be July 20th, with award winning gem cutter, Clay Zava of Zava Mastercuts.  Learn more about Clay and his amazing work here.


Reserve your seat by emailing info@spectrumartandjewelry!

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