Transform Your Jewelry From Tired to Treasures

April 06, 2018

transforming old jewelry into new

When you look in your jewelry box, what do you see?  How do you feel?  

You probably see mementos that track your life’s significant events. Perhaps even a longer family history, in the case of heirloom items. But do you truly enjoy and utilize every piece?  Do they fit your style today? Or do you feel a little guilty that you haven't kept up with the routine maintenance or that you just don't like to wear them anymore (maybe you never did)?  It’s a shame to have these precious pieces, each representing a story or event from your life, gathering dust in your drawer.

A Professional Jewelry Style Consultant can Help

Wouldn't you be relieved to have a professional jewelry style consultant to help you decide what to do? Especially if that consult is FREE!

We can transform your jewelry box into a treasure chest. In your first meeting our trained professionals will help you:

  1. Sort and prioritize your collection
  2. Identify items that can be revived through a minor repair or re-polish
  3. Identify pieces that can be up-cycled (melting and using unwanted gold or reshape a gemstone or diamond)
  4. Advise on reinventing pieces by combining them into a brand new piece

In many cases they might even find the means to help pay for these services right there in your own jewelry box in the form of unwanted gold or diamonds.

Tell us your stories about each piece. Then let us help you write the next chapter.

Don't worry about that half pair of earrings or dented bangle, it all has potential to become part of the new jewelry we will design and create for you. Bring it all to your appointment and let your consultant explain the possibilities. At the end of your meeting you'll have a sorted collection and an action plan for your approval. 

A typical a Jewelry Box Review identifies:

  • Items to repair or refinish.
    such as rhodium plating white gold to bring it back to life
  • Old rings that can be resized so you can wear them again.
  • Items that can form the basis for new jewelry.
  • The ground work for custom designed jewelry.
    using your old gold, diamonds or gemstones
  • Items that need a current jewelry appraisal or to be inventoried for estate purposes

restyle jewelry in wilmington nc

Knowing what an emotional investment your jewelry can be, we strive to transform tired and outdated jewelry into exciting new creations that you'll be proud to show off and enjoy. We want to change the experience of looking into your jewelry box into a one of delight and anticipation. 

Restyling Jewelry: A Healthy Obsession

Watch out, restyling your jewelry can be habit forming. Many of our clients have come back again and again with new ideas they can't wait to see realized.

The first hour of your jewelry box review is free. Initial meetings typically take an hour but some collections, especially if you’ve inherited a lot of jewelry, can take longer. For more information on our jewelry box review, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 910-256-2323 and we’ll be happy to help you!

For more than 20 years, Spectrum Fine Jewelry has been renowned throughout the Southeast as a premier source for exceptional and unusual custom-designed jewelry by our award-winning team of designers and master goldsmith. With an emphasis on fine-colored gems, Spectrum hosts regular events from private round tables to weekend gem shows. Other events include designer trunk shows, diamond sales, custom restyle events, and appraisal clinics.

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