Let's Talk About Jewelry Repair: Ring Sizing

January 07, 2016 1 Comment

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Jewelry repairs take place in all shapes and sizes. While most jewelry stores would love to be able to price a repair for you over the phone, most work is on a case by case basis. Not all jewelry is created equal.

The Two Ways to Re-Size a Ring

Many factors can influence the fit of your rings such as climate change and weight fluctuations. Whether going up or down, there are only two ways to size rings.

  1. Stretching or Compressing
  2. Adding or Removing Gold

Although stretching or compressing a ring can be a quick fix for your traditional all gold band, it's not highly recommended. It can weaken the overall integrity of the ring and may cause more issues down the road if it has to be resized again.

Adding or removing gold, however, will preserve the proper thickness at the bottom of the ring, where needed, and will have less effect on the ring’s overall structure.

As straight forward as sizing a ring may appear, there are factors that may influence an increase in cost.

Jewelry Repair

Factors That Can Influence the Cost of Sizing a Ring

  1. Gemstones may need to be removed before any heat can be applied because some gems, like emeralds, are temperature sensitive.
  2. If your ring needs to be sized more than one size.
  3. Your overall ring is very thin and can be easily bent
  4. If your ring has stones, channel set, prong set or inlaid, stones can become unaligned and prongs may tighten or loosen.
  5. Your ring has engraving that will need to be replicated, once sizing is complete.


Complimentary Ring Inspection

Any challenge a ring may present can sometimes have several options, that's why it is also VERY important that you have all repairs done by a jeweler you can trust. All rings can be fixed, but it can come at a price, which is why it’s important to have your rings checked routinely (we provide this service for free) to avoid any major costs in the future.

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Jessie Harrison
Jessie Harrison

June 27, 2016

We just bought me a new wedding band, but it’s a tad too small. I can get it on, but getting it off is nearly impossible. I think it’s the climate change because it was shipped in. The only way it’s going to fit is if I can get it stretched just a bit. Do you think it’s worth risking the possibility of causing more problems?

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