Top 10 Reasons Art Does Not Have to Match Your Couch

December 30, 2015 1 Comment

Art Doesn't Have 2 Match The Couch

Top 10 Reasons Art Does Not Have to Match Your Couch

10. It’s your opportunity to be bold and show that you’re fearless!

Anne Cunningham

9. Not only does art not have to match your couch, it doesn’t even have to match your entire
interior aesthetic. If your décor is traditional, one contemporary piece of art can give your
room an eclectic feel of pure sophistication.

8. If you can express your passion for a piece of art in words, then there’s room for it
somewhere in your home.

Kimberlee Maselli

7. There’s a reverence about art. If it screams, or even whispers to your soul, then it should
belong to you.

6. “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”- Edward Degas

5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, couches, not so much.

America's Ugliest Couch's -
4. If you love a piece of art, it will match the other things that you love. If there’s something in your home that you no longer feel strongly about, perhaps you should rethink keeping it.


3. Art, that you love, enhances your overall happiness level and we all need a little more of

Jodie Wrenn Rippy

2. You inner child will rejoice!


1. If none of these help, maybe you need a new couch.

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Jodie rippy
Jodie rippy

December 30, 2015

Love this. Please people. Buy what you love. It will all come together beautifully. Just trust your instinct!!!

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