Expert Jewelry Repair and Restoration in Wilmington NC

July 20, 2015

expert jewelry repair and restoration in wilmington nc

Few things hold emotional significance as strongly as jewelry. It’s why cherished family heirlooms get passed down through the generations. When one holds a piece of jewelry once worn by their ancestor, there’s an instant bridge that’s formed. That’s why jewelry repair and restoration at Spectrum Fine Jewelry is such a large part of our professional services.

At Spectrum Fine Jewelry, we provide expert jewelry repair Wilmington NC that will have your cherished jewelry looking like new. Here’s a brief rundown of our repair and restoration services.

Ring Sizing

Sometimes, finding a perfectly sized ring is more challenging than one might think. This is especially the case when dealing with a ring that has been passed down to you. At Spectrum, our master jewelers can make the adjustments necessary to get your ring fitting comfortably. And, even more importantly, your ring resizing will look absolutely seamless.

Prong Repair or Replacement

Prongs are the most delicate part of the ring. They can often snag on clothing or other things and when this happens, the prong can bend outward, resulting in a loose, or sometimes even lost, gemstone. Spectrum’s jewelers can repair bent or damaged prongs, or if the prong has been completely ripped off, we can even replace it with a new one.

Rhodium Plating

In order for white gold to maintain its luster and vibrancy, it needs to undergo rhodium plating every once in a while. This is because the beautiful mirror-like finish exhibited by white gold jewelry isn’t due to the precious metal, but rather to the rhodium plating that covers it. Since this coating eventually wears off over time, white gold jewelry will need to be re-plated in order to look like it did when it was new.

Chain Repair

If you have a chain that’s knotted, kinked, or broken, don’t throw it away – bring it to Spectrum Jewelry and we’ll fix it for you.

Diamond and Gemstone Replacement

Nothing can be more heartbreaking than realizing that your precious diamond or gemstone is missing from your ring. If you have a piece of jewelry that’s missing its stone, Spectrum Jewelry offers affordable diamond and gemstone replacement so your ring will look just as good as it did before the stone was lost.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is an excellent choice when you’re looking to give the most personalized gift possible. At Spectrum Fine Jewelry, our master jewelers can hand-engrave your message into almost any piece of jewelry.

Antique Jewelry Restoration

Antique jewelry needs to be handled with care. Proper attention also needs to be kept to ensure any repairs being made on the antique jewelry look inconspicuous. If you have a cherished family heirloom in need of repair or restoration, the jewelers at Spectrum can do the job without sacrificing the integrity of the piece.

Visit Spectrum Fine Jewelry for Jewelry Repair Wilmington NC

Don’t give up on your beloved jewelry just because it has a blemish, a lost stone, or more substantial damage. Most pieces can be restored to their original brilliance. Simply stop in to Spectrum Fine Jewelry or call us today at 910-256-2323 to schedule a free consultation with one of our jewelry repair experts. For the best jewelry repair in Wilmington NC, trust Spectrum Fine Jewelry.

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