The Artful Life of North Carolina Artist, Mike Rooney

May 17, 2016

"If I'm not painting or playing music, I'm kite surfing! That's all there is, right?"-Mike Rooney

Most people only dream about a way to live in flip flops and a swim suit 365 days a year. If you're curious about how that can happen, you may want to sit down and have a beer with Mike Rooney. He can tell you how it's done.

He summers in New England.

He winters in Key West


He spends spring and fall back home in North Carolina. 


Where ever he goes, he is sure to have a few essentials; his art supplies, steel drum, ukulele, flip flops, swim suits, T-shirts and a great sense of humor. Oh, and there's always a hat.

Mike's "joie de vivre" comes through in the vibrant hues of his palate. His paintings are alive with color. They are simply full of great energy. How could they not?

To see Mike's art, come by Spectrum Gallery. Let us know you're a fan and we'll make sure you see all of his works.







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